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10 hours

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Quality and safety in healthcare

About this course

Within this course you will find a series of learning modules which will provide you with a good foundation in some of the theory behind patient safety as well as structured information about how to carry out a successful quality improvement project. Whilst the information is centred around doctors, it is equally applicable to all healthcare professions.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course you should know:

  • The importance of patient safety in healthcare
  • How systems can compromise patient care and are the key to making it better
  • The impact of Human Factors on quality and safety
  • The importance of leadership in improving care
  • How to design an intervention to a problem
  • How to engage others in your interventions
  • How to undertake measurement within quality improvement
  • What the model for improvement it and how it is used in quality improvement.

Series Editor:

Imran Qureshi


Accreditor credit Accreditation statement
BMJ Learning courses 10 credits, 10:00 hours This course is accredited to the combined value of the modules it contains

Release date

11 Jul 2012