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GPs, Hospital doctors

Infectious diseases - especially dangerous pathogens: level 2 certificate

You can begin the level 2 course on completion of level 1. This course focuses on several important diseases, including the Ebola virus and influenza. Both can cause serious infectious disease outbreaks.

After completing all levels of this course, you should know:

  • How patients with the following infections can present clinically
  • How to assess patients who might have these diseases
  • How to manage affected patients
  • When to report and refer affected patients The differential diagnoses of these infections.

Level 2 of this course is outlined below. You will receive a certificate of completion if you complete all five modules in this course.

Modules in this course


Accreditor credit Accreditation statement
BMJ Learning courses: level 2 5 credits, 5:00 hours This course is accredited to the combined value of the modules it contains.