• Course

3 hours

Practice nurses, Other healthcare professionals

Intravenous therapy

On completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Recognise the basic components of cannulas and their different gauges
  • Understand the relevant anatomy and common sites for peripheral intravenous cannulation
  • Know the risks of IV cannulation and understand safe technique
  • Understand the basic physiology of fluid balance
  • Know the dangers of hypotonic fluids in children
  • Adopt a safe system of prescribing, preparing, and administering injectable medications
  • Accurately calculate injectable drug dosages, rates of administration, and volumes of dilutant
  • Add a medicine to an intravenous infusion and set up a syringe driver.


Accreditor credit Accreditation statement
BMJ Learning courses 3 credits, 3:00 hours This course is accredited to the combined value of the modules it contains.