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10 hours

Other healthcare professionals

Antibiotic Stewardship: Advanced

  • List the principles of antibiotic dosing
  • Discuss the scenarios and patients to apply TDM
  • List antibiotic drugs for TDM
  • Discuss the essentials of an TDM service
  • Discuss the options for dose optimization of beta lactams
  • List the toxicity of beta lactams
  • Discuss the current status of beta-lactam TDM and prolonged infusions
  • Describe the pathogens causing most invasive fungal infections
  • Discuss the limits of “old” antifungal therapy
  • Define novel potential targets for antifungal drugs
  • List different categories of new antifungals which are being developed
  • Discuss advantages of new antifungals Define PK/PD principles of antifungal therapy
  • Discuss scenarios when TDM of antifungals is essential
  • List the antifungals for TDM
  • List the different methods to measure the MIC
  • List the connection between MIC and therapy outcome
  • Discuss how the knowledge on a certain MIC influences therapy decisions
  • Discuss the importance of the MIC for effective dosing of antimicrobials
  • List the different PK/PD correlations in different patient populations, eg patients with sepsis
  • Discuss how the knowledge on PK/PD should influence clinical decisions
  • Discuss if PK/PD data should be “used” in any patient or only in some patients
  • List new antimicrobial agents which are important for the treatment of serious ill patients
  • List new methods to treat infections
  • Discuss the problems of authorisation for new options like phage therapy
  • Discuss the evidence behind those new options like fecal transplantation or phage therapy
  • Discuss the different prophylactical regimes to prevent infections
  • Discuss other measures to prevent infections in this patient population Identify risk factors of patients for a colonization by nosocomial pathogens
  • Discuss the right strategy for eradication of colonizing organisms for different patients
  • Define pros and cons of different eradication approaches.


Kornelia Chrapkova (facilitator), Inese Sviestina (facilitator), Ute Blassmann, Peter Declercq, Annette Schuermans, Martin Hug, Philipp Wohlfarth, Tine Van Nieuwenhuyse, William Hope, Isabel Spriet, Anouk Muller


Accreditor credit Accreditation statement
BMJ and EAHP (Antibiotic Stewardship: Advanced) 10 credits, 10:00 hours This course (Antibiotic Stewardship: Advanced) is accredited to the combined value of the modules it contains.

Release date

12 Oct 2020