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SCHMOPHBMJ Learning is an educational website with hundreds of modules for healthcare professionals. It offers a wide range of text, audio, and video learning modules, dealing with both primary care and hospital medicine. 

The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners of the Ministry of Public Health provides free access to BMJ Learning for all Physicians and most nurses who are licensed to practice in Qatar.

New user?

To gain access, please contact your institution's QCHP liaison officer for an access code. Then register and enter your access code when prompted for full access.

Module accreditation

The Ministry of Public Health, represented by the Accreditation Department of the Qatar Council for Health Practitioners, recognizes the continuous medical education (CME)/continuing professional development (CPD) modules provided through BMJ Learning as Category II self-directed learning activities in the State of Qatar. Healthcare professionals in Qatar can thus claim continuing professional development credits for their activity on BMJ Learning, calculated as 1 credit unit per 1 hour (Organization Code OP-02).

Record your completed modules in the CPD ePortfolio

Notes to practitioners:

  1. BMJ Learning modules should be recorded under Category 2 - Clinical practice – Completing self-learning modules
  2. BMJ Learning is not a title of CPD activity. Ensure that you put the name of the completed module
  3. The certificate of completion should be uploaded as supporting documentation.