BMJ Learning guidelines for working with commercial sponsors

Statement of principle

BMJ Learning is a website run by the BMJ Group to help doctors make better decisions. The site contains interactive educational online courses; some are presented as text and others use audio or video. The guidelines on this page apply to all types of online courses.

BMJ Learning works with appropriate sponsors, including pharmaceutical companies, who want to help provide health professionals with high quality education. BMJ Learning works with sponsors under the principles of transparency, probity, and editorial independence.


BMJ Learning offers commercial sponsors the opportunity to sponsor an online course or collection of online courses, providing editorial independence is maintained and the nature of funding is transparent.

  • The content of the course (including selection of authors, speakers, or interviewees) is decided solely by the team at BMJ Learning. BMJ Learning will select authors, speakers, or interviewees on the basis of excellent knowledge, excellent writing or speaking skills, and independence
  • BMJ Learning wishes learners to know when a course has been sponsored. BMJ Learning will acknowledge the sponsor at the start of the course. The exact form of words will depend on the nature of the sponsorship. BMJ Learning develops its content independently and retains full control of the content
  • The sponsor will be entitled to place a sponsorship banner on the course launch page. Users can click on the banner and go to web pages hosted by the sponsor. The content of these web pages is a matter for the sponsor
  • As with all online courses, BMJ Learning requires the author or speaker or interviewee to declare any competing interests that they may have
  • Sponsors are not given access to the personal records of our users

If you have any further questions about our sponsorship policy, please contact Jane Clapton, Business Process Manager, BMJ Knowledge Centre at