How to use BMJ Portfolio

BMJ Portfolio is a free, easy to use online portfolio. You can use BMJ Portfolio to track, record, plan and report on your continuing professional development.

Accessing your BMJ Portfolio

You can access BMJ Portfolio at any time by going to

When you're logged in to BMJ Learning, the home page will display an excerpt from your portfolio, showing your five most recent items. You can click "Go to my portfolio" to see all your modules and any other information you've recorded in your portfolio.

BMJ Portfolio is completely free to use. If you are already registered with BMJ Learning (whether or not you have a current subscription), you can use the same details to access BMJ Portfolio.

Adding information into your BMJ Portfolio

There are several ways you can add information to your portfolio.

  • Whenever you start a module on BMJ Learning, it is added to your portfolio automatically.
  • You can save a module for later by clicking "Add to portfolio" instead of starting the module.
  • You can add any web page to your portfolio quickly and easily using our interactive bookmark.
  • In BMJ Portfolio, you can add information by clicking "New item". You have to give the item a title, but everything else can be left or filled in later.
  • You can upload a file to any portfolio item, allowing you to store extra information if you wish.

New item

Organising your BMJ Portfolio

You can sort and organise your portfolio items in a range of ways.

Go to "Site settings" to:

  • Choose which columns to display
  • Pick from readymade sets of tags (Tags are optional, but allow you to label your portfolio items. The readymade tag sets reflect curriculums you may be following.)
  • Choose whether you want to earn CME points or hours
  • Choose an accrediting organisation, or choose "None" to assign your own CME points.

Use tags or the filter bar to:

  • Filter your portfolio based on tags you've applied to portfolio items (Tags are optional labels that allow you to organise your portfolio however you like.)
  • View modules from a specific date range, or switch between viewing only unstarted modules, modules in progress, or completed modules
  • Go back to viewing all your modules by clicking "Clear filters".

Filtering your portfolio

You can also use the search box to view modules and portfolio items that include specific keywords.

Adding tags to your BMJ Portfolio

You can tag an item when you add it to your portfolio, or at any time by clicking on the item's title. Tags are optional labels that allow you to organise your portfolio however you like.

You can choose from readymade sets of tags in the "Site settings" menu. The readymade sets reflect curriculums you may be following.

After you've clicked on a module's title to edit it, you can choose tags from your tag sets by using the "Tag sets" dropdown menu. Click the plus button to add a tag after selecting it.

To add your own tag, type something into the "My tags" box, then click the plus button to add it.

To see all the tags in a set click the expand arrow by the tag set title. To see items tagged with a particular tag, just click on that tag. To remove the filter, click on the cross button next to the tag.

Exporting reports

To export a report, use the search and filter functions to display on the screen what you want to see in your report. Then click "Export report" and choose .csv (a spreadsheet format that opens with Excel or similar software) or PDF. If you want a report with several notes columns, export it to Excel.

Exporting a report