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Туберкулез: имплементация руководства NICE в практику

Обновления руководства NICE 2016 года для врачей вторичного звена.

Результаты обучения

После завершения изучения этого модуля вы должны овладеть следующими знаниями и умениями:

  • Диагностировать у пациентов туберкулез
  • Вести пациентов с туберкулезом
  • Знать, кому необходимо проводить скрининг на туберкулез
  • Знать, как лучше предотвращать туберкулез.

Автор(ы) оригинального текста::

BMJ Learning with NICE


Michael Brown

Дата последнего обновления:

16 Apr 2019

Дата перевода

17 Jun 2019


Аккредитующее лицо кредит Заявление об аккредитации
ASCOFAME 1:00 час BMJ Learning has assigned 1 hour of CPD/CME credit to this module. BMJ Learning modules are being certified for ASCOFAME VIRTUAL (Colombia).
Australian College of Nursing 1 кредит, 1:00 час ACN 3LP participants can claim 1 CNE point per hour of active learning for modules that are directly related to their area of nursing practice (no limit).
Austrian Academy of Physicians 1 кредит, 1:00 час BMJ Learning modules have been certified for DFT Punkte. DFT Punkte are accepted in Austria
BMJ Learning 1 кредит, 1:00 час BMJ Learning has assigned one hour of credit to this module
Bahrain Defence Force Hospital 1 кредит, 1:00 час The Bahrain Defence Force Military Hospital represented by the Ministry of Defence Bahrain recognises BMJ Learning as being accredited for the purpose of continuous medical education (CME)/continuous professional development (CPD) in BDF. Healthcare professionals can thus claim continuous professional development credits for their activity in BMJ Learning. Completion of one module is considered the equivalent of one credit or one hour of learning.
Bhutan Medical and Health Council 1 кредит, 1:00 час Bhutan Medical and Health Council has formally accredited all BMJ Learning online modules for continuous professional development. Bhutan Medical and Health Council will accept the CME credit provided by BMJ Learning to any registered members of Bhutan Medical and Health Council for renewal of their registration.
Dubai Health Authority 1 кредит, 1:00 час BMJ Learning is approved as a CME resource by the Dubai Health Authority (accreditation number 0013/18)
Iraqi Ministry of Health 1 кредит, 1:00 час The Iraq Ministry of Health has accredited BMJ Learning for the purposes of CME. One module is the equivalent of one hour or one credit point.
Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization 1 кредит, 1:00 час Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization (KIMS) of the Ministry of Health, State of Kuwait is the authority responsible for organising all aspects of postgraduate training of medical practitioners and other health professionals in Kuwait. Users within Kuwait can claim one hour or one credit per hour of learning completed.
Royal Australasian College of Physicians 1:00 час The RACP does not accredit CPD activities, but MyCPD Program guidelines state that fellows can claim a maximum of 50 credits per year for online learning under 'Category 6 - Other Learning Activities'.
The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners 1 кредит, 1:00 час RNZCGP endorses the British Medical Journal online CME programmes
Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association 0.5 кредиты, 1:00 час The Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association has accredited BMJ Learning. One module equates to 0.5 credits.
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