2. Developing and writing protocols

A protocol is a scientific document that justifies, clarifies, and previews the research questions, overall design, methods, and analytical approaches. Anyone aiming to do research should start by developing, writing, and disseminating a study protocol, and this course includes three modules on why it is important to do that.

Our module on grant writing covers how to apply for research funding and demonstrates how a study protocol can be used to write an informative, compelling research plan or proposal. The module on clinical trial protocols highlights the key transparency requirements that funders, regulators, and publishers of clinical trials now mandate in many countries.

This course also includes modules on good medical writing, how to manage citations, and references and how to use reporting guidelines.

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Accreditor credit Accreditation statement
Research to Publication 20:00 hours BMJ accredit this course to the value of the modules it contains.

Release date

15 Aug 2018