4. How to do ethical research

Studies must be ethically designed, planned, conducted, and disseminated. Much of this is ruled by policies, guidelines, and by law. Researchers around the world need to understand and comply with these requirements. This course includes modules examining each of these aspects of research integrity and best practice for ensuring study participants’ informed consent.

It is not enough just to act ethically; researchers must also report how they have done it. This course also shows how to fully report on study ethics in the methods section of a research paper.

Lastly, two modules discuss types of research where ethical approaches may need even greater attention than usual; ‘big data’ studies and studies in countries with limited resources for healthcare.

Related module: Ethical issues in clinical trials


Accreditor credit Accreditation statement
Research to Publication 32:00 hours BMJ accredit this course to the value of the modules it contains.

Release date

15 Aug 2018