Presubmission inquiries and cover letters

At the end of this module the learner will be able to understand:

  • Why a presubmission inquiry can increase the efficiency and success of peer review for both authors and editors
  • When to make a presubmission inquiry
  • Key elements of a presubmission inquiry
  • How to write the cover letter when submitting research
  • When and how to disclose overlapping and prior publication
  • When and how to request fast track peer review.

Written by:

Trish Groves

Biography :

Trish Groves is head of research at BMJ and editor-in-chief of BMJ Open.


Accreditor credit Accreditation statement
BMJ 4 credits, 4:00 hours BMJ has assigned 4 hours of CPD/CME credit to this module.
BMJ Learning 1 credit, 1:00 hour BMJ Learning has assigned one hour of credit to this module

Release date

26 Jan 2016

Last updated

26 Jan 2016